Puppy socialisation & training course

Ensure your puppy grows up happy & full of confidence!

Come & have fun & learn how to socialise and train your puppy correctly using the clicker and kind, gentle methods. For puppies under 20 weeks of age.

Puppies who are socialised correctly with people, other dogs, children and their everyday environments at an early age grow up to be confident, happy and well-mannered adult dogs. Socialisation helps prevent many common problems including aggression and anxiety. Puppies thoroughly enjoy learning! The more you teach them at a very young age, the better!

It is imperative that puppies and dogs are taught in a relaxed and stress-free environment. Training is all about having fun for both dogs and their owners! Competent Canines only believe in using kind, gentle effective methods. Choke chains or using any kind of force in our classes is strictly prohibited. Competent canines only uses the most modern behavioural techniques and understanding.

All puppies under 20 weeks of age whom are fit and well which have started their vaccination programmes can join Competent Canines puppy socialisation and training course.

Courses take place in Kingswood & Keynsham & run for 4 x consecutive weeks plus 2 x 1/2 hour 1-1 consultations (before your puppy turns 6 months of age).

The 1-1 consultation will give you an opportunity to discuss any problems/queries you have specific to your puppy. One to one consultations take place at Fernlea Vets in Kingswood or can be discussed over the telephone should transport be a problem.

You will receive a clicker, welcome pack, food samples, hand out and homework sheets which helps you to build up each exercise at home.

If you have any further enquiries & would like to attend please contact Emma on 07966 599 467

Places are limited (maximum of 6 puppies a course), so book your place now and avoid disappointment!

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