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Struggling to get to classes? Prefer to train from home?

My online puppy training course is a unique online puppy training course as it is offered purely on a 1-1 basis to ensure you receive ultimate personal tuition.

You will receive 3 x 45 minute consultations which is spread over a minimum period of 3 weeks. This takes place via Zoom or a social platform of your choice.

The course will show you how to train all of the basic commands using up to date, kind, fair, effective methods of training using the clicker.

You will be provided with life skill advice, identifying canine communication signals, advice on diet & health care, general puppy problems i.e. housetraining, sleepless nights, play biting & how to prevent future common behaviour problems.

Homework & fact sheets will be emailed & you will have direct contact to ask Emma any specific problems you are encountering with your puppy.

10 informative puppy videos which give you the most useful  information to help survive puppyhood!
Full course cost is £135.

Emma will try her upmost to arrange the consultations at days/times suitable for you.
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